Identity. We are specialized in digital printing in medium and large format and in sublimation printing on fabric.
Our activity also includes manufacture of a large scale of varied materials.
We use printing machines of the very last generation in our big spaces where we manage each order, from its quotation to the delivery of the finished product.
We are in continuous evolution and we research creative solutions necessary to realize requirements of any kind of requirement of each customer.
Adhesive materials, fabrics, rigid materials, wood, cardboard, plastics, Plexiglass, glass and many more are elements that we use to produce boards, displays, eco-furniture, papermaking, pictures, wallpaper, vehicles decoration, car wrapping , furniture and fittings of any kind..

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Quality. We manage all production and finishing phases, from files acquisition to production, expedition and if required also setting up of the completed product.
It is a global management of orders that allows us to guarantee their quality and precision
Our vast experience and knowledge of the digital and sublimation printing universe has enabled us to know and exploit the technological evolution of this sector by using last generation machineries.  We are also contemporarily developing parallel technologies such as woodworking and carpentry.
Our development has permitted us to reach high quality, precision and speed from stand fitting services to different graphic setting up campaigns, from fittings in museums to shops, displays, packaging and furniture.